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State Sovereignty is the chosen weapon of enemies for human rights

Today I checked my email updates and saw that the Amanda Knox blog “Perugia-Shock.blogspot.com” had been shut down, because it contradicted the arguments and political ethos of Italian law. I find this very disturbing, not that this action was instituted by the head prosecutor in Amanda Knox’s trial, Giuliani Mignini, but that our government (the last hegemonic state in the world) would allow an obvious denial of one of our citizen’s human rights to be denied. Freedom of speech and the ability to address grievances we have against injustice, not to mention “due process”.


As I have followed this case, I must admit that at first I was in the category of people who thought silently, “If you commit a stupid crime in another country, you should be held accountable to their laws”. I have also contended that to be
afforded this dignity, a country “state” must be recognized as such with the
acknowledgement of guaranteed human rights and to not be a system that
routinely commits “Crimes Against Humanity”.  I find that by allowing Giuliani Mignini to continue in his practice of quelling the voices of descent, this state in it’s complicity to do so, should not be recognized as a state. Obviously, their actions and inactions have called into question their respect for human rights and the rights of man.



We have all watched from afar, as Amanda Knox’s rights have been trampled with contaminated scenes, incompetence in the preservation of key evidence and the allowed deposition of one with a conflict of interest as the key component for
her conviction in the first place. This is a corrupt legal stystem, that would allow such a human rights violation. Now as the defense attempts to unravel this
“circus court” and show the world for what it is, the one element that would
exonerate Miss Knox is snuffed out deliberately and unlawfully by Mr. Mignini,
who has a rich history in perfecting this sabotage of justice by suppressing dissent, in compliance with the Italian judiciary system, which looks to have already convicted her guilty of murder, without providing the required burden of proof, neccessary for such a ruling in any other democratic legal system. This gives the appearance of an undemocratic and corrupt judiciary, deserving of the international community’s attention.

I would go so far as to suggest that the International Criminal Court subpoena all parties involved in this conspiracy, to answer to these accusations and for president Obama to put a bounty on the heads of thesew alleged perpetraitors of corruption and human roughts violations. Should they refuse to cooperate, a warrant should be issued for their arrest by the United Nations and the International Criminal Court. There status in the UN should be curtailed until they are shown to opperate their judiciary in accordance to the International Human Rights Treaties and all UN Treaties, they are required to be a party too. Those not submitting their full cooperation in this matter, who are believed to be complicit in this violation must be held accountable and seized whenever travelling outside of the Italian border and put on trial for their presumed atrocities.

To allow this justice system and this “State” to make a mockery of the powers of the International Criminal Court and the UN could prove problematic for the validity of the UN and International Criminal Court in the future. To allow this to go unchallenged would also call into question the validity of the United States’ status as the lone “Super Power” in the world. If Italy continues to be recognized as a democracy, with this undemocratic treatment of the one lone super power’s (hegemony) citizen; which is supposed to be the beacon or  symbolism of a democracy, then our days as as the lone hegemony in the world are truly numbered.

Are we cowards or are we who we say we are? President Obama and the international community should address this serious accusation, along with many other cases mirroring the same denial of internationally recognized rights by this same prosecutor; legal system; state.


Giuliani Mignini displays the same barbaric nationalistic fervor as lawyers like Josef Stalin’s Andrei Vyshinsky who held similar “kangaroo court” trials (the great purge from 1936-1938) ending in the execution of all who opposed the political views of Stalin; and that of Hans Frank, Hitler’s Lawyer who also trampled all rights of the people, by systematically removing the Weimer system of law and Roman law, and enacting NAZI law in the effort gain great political power.


If the United States are too cowardly to act, what tell you, who will? Mignini shows no respect for any nation’s laws or the rights of those who question injustice, silencing forever the voices of dissent and laughing in the faces of those too cowardice or too corrupt themselves to act. Giuliani should be brought to justice and the might of international law regarding  human rights abuses must be strong and steady in holding Giuliani  accountable for these alleged “Crimes Against Humanity”.