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When will America grow up, so I can come home?

The attacks on President Obama’s (The Top Black American) citizenship and
constant barrage of racism he must face while we(Black Americans) look
helplessly on is the reason why I moved to Germany with my German wife. I too
have grown exhausted with the constant challenges in my life because of my race.
I graduated from the University of Washing with a B average, while taking
challenging 300 and 400 level courses. I had to argue some of my grades from
racist TA and won every battle. I was passed up for managerial positions, even
though I had performed in that capacity while my supervisor or manager was
absent. I was blacklisted for consulting the Human Resources Department and then
EOP (retaliation).

I had found that my co-workers were getting on average paid $6,000.00 more
than me and one paid in excess of $10,000.00 more than I. I served honorably in
the Unites States Marines and the United States Army. Out of High School I was
accepted to Princeton University (an Ivy-League school), but they didn’t give
athletic scholarships and my parents simply could not pay for this education, so
I joined the Marines. I joined the Army because, even though I passed every
phase of the Seattle Police Department hurdles, I was put on a very long waiting
list, while two co-workers (one white male and one white female) were hired, not
having military service experience.

All of this, and then to see the first black American President, who was
president of the Harvard Law Review, continuously be mocked with the same
hateful and demeaning games, I and other blacks have had to deal with all of our
lives and still today. This sickened me so much; this disturbed me so much; this
took a mental and physical toll on me with major depression, high anxiety, high
blood pressure, that I can no longer live in my own country for fear of what I
might have done if I had stayed.

When will America truly break away from the racist air that suffocates so
many of its victims? When will those like Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Senator
John McCain, Representative John Boehner, The Seattle Police Department, Safeco
Insurance Company and Guy Carpenter Re be held accountable for the racist acts I
have personally witnessed? When will the so many others, I have witnessed be
held accountable for the constant vilifying, demoralizing, subjugating,
imprisoning, sabotaging, and killing African-Americans like me and so many

I love my country, but my country has serious issues that make me physically
and mentally sick. When will America truly lift itself up from this blanket of
hate and truly realize its potential; its hegemonic role in the world? When will
we actually live up to the name, “The Good Guys?”