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My opinion of Genocide’s link to State Sovereignty

A question…Why hasn’t President Obama recognized the
Turkish Genocide of at least one million Armenians in 1915 yet, Which Bush also
refused to do?

Why hasn’t the US ratified the agreement to lift the
sovereignty defense when a government is mass killing their own people, rather
than siding with Libya and China to continue to protect government who continue to practice this form of racist politics?

Why not put a bounty on the heads that mastermind these
highly racists political acts (want to stay in office, kill off the portion of the population which disagrees with you and put the fear of God in the rest), this way the costs (enforcement of a breach in human rights
resulting in your death
) would be too much to chance?


As an African-American, I was very much afraid of the lead up to this type of
politicking in the US when President Bush was elected to a second term.
African-Americans are far more likely to vote democrat, so (1) an astronomical
percentage of blacks have been imprisoned for acts that whites committing the
same acts, with the same records get parole instead of incarceration, (2) A
large population of blacks were allowed to die during Hurricane Katrina, which
we all watched in horror, (3) blacks continue to be subjugated in the workplace(wealth), (4) attempts of a poll tax during those elections, leading to the
disenfranchising of many southern blacks for their right to vote, (5) escalating
healthcare prices and spreading false propaganda insinuating healthcare is a
privilege and not a right(killing off more blacks, who out-number
(percentage-wise those who are poor), (6) spreading false propaganda that
blacks have the highest percentage of those on welfare; creating a false image
of blacks as lazy and asking for government hand-outs, when blacks represent a
lower percentage than whites on welfare and are actually the only racial subset
to have declined in the percent on welfare, while at the same time
overwhelmingly represent the highest percentage unemployed or underemployed in the US, (7) escalating higher tuition for higher learning and an always in-effect, policy of no athletic scholarship programs for Ivy-League Schools, which continually represent the wealthy class and privileged class in America.


I have conducted many surveys and have studied many surveys which show a high graduation rate for athletes versus non-athletes at major universities and
colleges in the US. So the spreading of false propaganda that jocks are idiots
doesn’t hold any water, in-fact, they must “in-a-sense” have a job (as an
athlete), while attending college. This makes for a more challenging task at
obtaining a degree and yet they excel.

Whether its homicidal genocide or mental genocide, which African-Americans continue to suffer from at an alarming rate even today; this practice of hate, must end.


Genocide is a predetermined political act; years in the making, to convince a majority of the population that a particular group of people personally threatens them, or is the reason for their problems. It’s a calculated system of false propaganda and planned acts of conditioning to promote nationalism as a vehicle in the execution of their plans for political power. The targeted group for genocide can be classified by race, class, sexual orientation, mental capacity, or political affiliation, in any country.


This has been successful throughout history with no “will” by world governments to prevent it from happening again and again. It happened to the Armenians in Turkey in 1915 and is still not recognized by the world powers today;  the NAZI Genocide of over 6,000,000 Jewish people in Germany starting at the end of WWI, peaking in WWII; the Serbian Orthodox Roman Catholics genocide of over 1,000,000 Bosnian Sunni Muslims in the early 1990s; The Hutu genocide of 800,000 Tutsi in Rwandans in 100 days between April and June of 1994 and is still going on today; Josef Stalin’s mass murder and starving to death of over 14, 500,000 peasants by 1937 as he gained complete control of the USSR during his socialist revolution and millions more thereafter; in May of 1976 the Khmer Rouge established a security of in a former high school where they tortured and killed over 500,000 Cambodians after the US left Vietnam in 1975; El Salvador between 1980 and 1992 over 75,000 people were killed in a civil war between the wealthy and the poor. So many mass murders all over the world, yet the international community continue to look the other way, as if nothing is going on due to “state sovereignty”.

I believe African-Americans would have had the same fate had it not been for
Martin Luther King Jr. But as I saw the divisiveness play itself out for the
world to see in the 2008 presidential elections, I grew worrisome, even though
President Obama won. This played itself out in the 2010 mid-term elections,
with race and class playing a large role in the results. We can just as easily
be conditioned into blaming a certain group for our fears as the citizens of
the countries where genocides took place above. Why must we wait to read the writings of someone like Anne Frank before we open our eyes to what can easily take place in our own back yard, as it is played out in the world still today?

We can easily be conditioned into thinking a particular group is sub-human and a threat to us, by the use of false propaganda the mastermind of extermination is conducting, in an effort to gain political power. We’ve already given up so many of our privacy rights and “due cause” rights, in the continued war on terrorism. Remember the threat levels? By being in a consistent state of war, the president has extra powers that contaminate the separation of powers contingent we have to protect us from an overly intrusive government. This is how President Bush managed to unravel what took years to build-up with regards to our economy, our safety and our rights.

We need to recognize the signs; the “hatespeech” rhetoric at the former Governor Sarah Palin rallies; the screams of “kill him,” “racial slurs,” and racist
cartoon sketches of President Obama and his wife. These labels to somehow
subjugate him even though he has a Harvard education, using the conditioning of equating color of skin to intelligence and morality, are simply strategies to
separate each other, by dehumanizing the target. We need to recognize hate and
act upon it, or allow an outside entity to do it for us.

State Sovereignty” is simply a license to kill one’s own people without accountability. Imagine sometime in the future, your son/daughter or grandson/daughter is living in a world where they are the minority. The time to fix this wrong is now, not later because you will be the blame for their fate if you don’t wake up and realize what is happening now. Look at the world and change before it’s too late.