Served honorably in both the US Marines and the US Army; Currently a 100%disabled Veteran of the Army; Graduated from the University of Washington in March of 2007

Majored in Political Science, with an emphasis on Comparable Legal Systems (comparing the evolution of legal systems with other countries of the world to ours)

Minored in Law, Societies & Justice with an emphasis on International Human Rights

I opinion that as the wealthy and financially powerful use loopholes to unfairly escape paying their fare share of their earned income in taxes as non-wealthy Americans; so do they live by the same corrupt ethics in not adhering to the intent of the International Human rights document when rising to the ranks of political power. They manage this by the signing of RUDS with International Human Rights Documents. RUD stands for Reservations, understandings, and Declarations, which basically means they will not adhere to the intent of the document. The signing onto such a document is merely symbolic with no real intent on honoring its intent.

I believe dishonesties like this and others need to be disclosed to the general public, so the history of corruption, leading to the loss of freedoms and lives can one day be stopped. My intent is to do my part in making this happen in my lifetime.


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  1. Hope this signs me up to be notified when you post new articles!

    • Always my favorite person in the world. Thanks for signing up for my blog. I’m new at WordPress, but now that I’ve found it I will be voicing my dissent about all of the injustices going on in the world. Hope I can help in any way to make a positive difference in the lives of those who have been victimized by corrupt legal systems, calling attention to them for the world to see and judge.

    • Karen, are you getting my blogs?

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