Update on the Amanda Knox Case


It appears that the Amanda Knox case is gaining support for her ultimate vindication and release from this incredible injustice. Reportedly, eleven law
makers signed a petition to Justice Minister Angelino Alfano according to
reports by King TV 5 in Seattle, referencing an AP article. Thank God, her case
against the prosecutors in Perugia, Italy is gaining support from Rome, <–122659444.html>. Campaign in support of Amanda Knox steps up in Italy

Even though I have been posting replies to my Sri Lanka opinion, which has changed due to new evidence I was not aware of (thank you Mango), I had still not forgotten Ms Knox’s case and will not for get about it until she is free. The world needs to know of this injustice and it should be repeated frequently until she is free.

Amanda Knox has never been a flight risk, after all, when afforded the opportunity to leave the country she stayed, because she knew she had done nothing wrong. She had believed that the justice system there was above corruption and just, but this proved not to be the case.

All of the arguments Giuliani Mignini had used to validate the trampling of her rights are now being exposed for the bad faith execution of his duties as prosecutor they were. Allegedly she has been treated different from other defendants, with an alleged deliberate attempt from the beginning to take away her freedom, no matter the facts. He has allegedly used false propaganda to the public and made a mockery of the Italian justice system; undermining the legitimacy of the Italian justice system in the world’s eyes.

Could this particular case be driven by internal pressures from opponents for power, or simply a first strike so as to deny any such aspirations in the first place? There was a murder and the public wanted to see justice, so Amanda Knox was the unfortunate target of one’s ambitious effort to hold onto power and a reputation for always getting convictions. In this case, we can see that it is at any cost, even the deviation from what he has been sworn to seek in the first place; the truth.

Again, Giuliani Mignini needs to be held accountable for this injustice in order for the Italian judicial system to save face. He should be removed from his position as chief prosecutor and investigated. All of his cases must be investigated for others victimized by his alleged improprieties.


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